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May 15, 2017

Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Actions Reviewed

Sleeklens Landscape Adventure Actions Reviewed


Firstly, full disclosure, I don’t use actions or presets in my own editing workflow. So when the nice folk at Sleeklens approached me to review their Landscape Adventure Actions, it was with a minor biast and healthy scepticism that I loaded them…

July 23, 2016

Film’s Every Landscape Photographer Should Watch #1 : Days Of Heaven

Film’s Every Landscape Photographer Should Watch #1 : Days Of Heaven


Day’s of Heaven (1978) should rank high on every landscape photographer's watchlist purely as the film is shot almost exclusively in the golden & blue hours. Malick’s technical brilliance here is unsurpassed, his use of natural illumination throughout the film creates a stunning sequence of images of light, land and man’s place within it.

Capturing an image perfectly is equal part a moment’s work and a lengthy painstaking process of…

March 10, 2014

The digital darkroom and the cautionary tale of the boiling frog

Tom Till wrote an honest and interesting article in Outdoor Photography, about his past over indulgences with saturation in post-production.

The cautionary tale of overcooking images stuck out for me, aside from his honesty, as I find that it's very easy to tip from compensating for the camera's depiction of colour into the realms of the hyper-real.

Joe Cornish has used the phrase ‘sharp’ when referring to digital…

January 5, 2014

Advanced sharpening techniques #3 ; Luminance Sharpening

Sharpening often produces unwanted colour shifts or artefacts, neither of which are desirable in a final print. Through a technique called luminance sharpening, these unwanted results of image sharpening can be avoided by targeting only luminance data.

A luminance sharpen will only apply itself to the black and white information in an image -- the detail; otherwise known as luminance. As a by product, there’s zero impact on colour; which reduces artifacts…

December 5, 2013

Advanced sharpening techniques #2 ; High Pass Filter

Photoshop’s sharpening options are varied and powerful, but some more powerful than others, and one tool whose simplicity belies it's power is the High Pass filter, oft overlooked in favour of more traditional techniques like the Unsharp Mask.

The High Pass technique is both highly effective, non-destructive and much simpler to use than the feature rich sharpening filters like the USM filter, so I'm not sure why it goes overlooked,…

November 10, 2013

Pentax Richo GR review

This summer RICOH IMAGING UK gave me a Ricoh GR to play with, and and it’s been accompanying me along several coastal trips recently.

Having grown up on a diet of DSLRs, with their rugged bodies, full creative control, powerful lenses and über megapixel counts, I’ll admit to previously not having an interest in digital compacts, they never had anythng to offer me as a landscape photographer, but the Ricoh GR's promise of RAW and manual support…

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