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November 10, 2013

Pentax Richo GR review

This summer RICOH IMAGING UK gave me a Ricoh GR to play with, and and it’s been accompanying me along several coastal trips recently.

Having grown up on a diet of DSLRs, with their rugged bodies, full creative control, powerful lenses and über megapixel counts, I’ll admit to previously not having an interest in digital compacts, they never had anythng to offer me as a landscape photographer, but the Ricoh GR's promise of RAW and manual support…

September 30, 2013

Big Cypress Reserve with Clyde Butcher

This Autumn, whilst in Florida for our Honeymoon, I had the good fortune to go on into Clyde Butchers' back yard -- quite literally! For those not familiar, Clyde's been documenting the glades and Big Cypress reserve for decades in stunning black and white.

Having joined one of his excursions, we set out at dawn into the (very dark) Big Cypress…

August 24, 2013

Sunset at the Lost World of Saltwick Bay

Sunset at the Lost World of Saltwick Bay

Saltwick Bay is a landscape photographers dream location.

Erratics, odd shaped boulders, towering black nabs, it even has a shipwreck. Few other UK coastal locations are as potent in subject matter.

Having captured the infamous Saltwick nab the previous year, I was determined to wander around the farther reaches of the bay away from the usual suspects of the shipwreck et al to see what I could see. Ravenscar beckoned. 

June 15, 2013

Advanced sharpening techniques #1 ; Selective sharpening

Advanced sharpening techniques #1 ; Selective sharpening

All Photoshops' sharpening options have 1 common weakness, they apply 1 sharpening value equally across an entire image.

This can force you to make frustrating tradeoffs to find that 'honey-pot setting'; the sharpening value that allows you to achieve enough crispness for key focal points, without compromising other areas by introducung distracting artefacting or halos.

Through the selective sharpening or compositional…

March 5, 2013

Cloning with colour

Photoshop has many options when it comes to removing or repairing iimage detail. The clone stamp and healing brush all allow us to copy or repair pixels, covering or matching areas as we need. However, they are only effective tools when they have source detail to clone from, and both have the potential to alter image texture, creating 'smooth' patches. So in a image where you want to preserve texture and clone with minimal source…

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