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Blog: Technique

July 23, 2016

Film’s Every Landscape Photographer Should Watch #1 : Days Of Heaven

Film’s Every Landscape Photographer Should Watch #1 : Days Of Heaven


Day’s of Heaven (1978) should rank high on every landscape photographer's watchlist purely as the film is shot almost exclusively in the golden & blue hours. Malick’s technical brilliance here is unsurpassed, his use of natural illumination throughout the film creates a stunning sequence of images of light, land and man’s place within it.

Capturing an image perfectly is equal part a moment’s work and a lengthy painstaking process of…

March 10, 2014

The digital darkroom and the cautionary tale of the boiling frog

Tom Till wrote an honest and interesting article in Outdoor Photography, about his past over indulgences with saturation in post-production.

The cautionary tale of overcooking images stuck out for me, aside from his honesty, as I find that it's very easy to tip from compensating for the camera's depiction of colour into the realms of the hyper-real.

Joe Cornish has used the phrase ‘sharp’ when referring to digital…

March 5, 2013

Cloning with colour

Photoshop has many options when it comes to removing or repairing iimage detail. The clone stamp and healing brush all allow us to copy or repair pixels, covering or matching areas as we need. However, they are only effective tools when they have source detail to clone from, and both have the potential to alter image texture, creating 'smooth' patches. So in a image where you want to preserve texture and clone with minimal source…

March 2, 2013

Organising your photography archive

Any photographer sooner or later needs a strategy for organising and archiving their image collection. Here are several tips to creating a simple and organised archive -- which should be the goal of any filing system.

What's in a name?

Naming conventions for files and folders are central to creating any organised image archive. Adding descriptive information to a file name makes identification easier in the long run -- especially if files become seperated…

January 18, 2013

Rule of Thirds : Rule, guideline or myth?

Rule of Thirds : Rule, guideline or myth?

The Rule of Thirds is arguably the most widely known and quoted composition technique. It is also commonly being held up as the most powerful tool to creating strong compositions. Now I'm not one who consiously 'thinks in thirds', so I took several of my more popular images from my 500px collection and reviewed them against the Rule of Thirds to see if any followed the principles of this compositional holy grail.

The concept, I’m purposefully going to steer…

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