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August 24, 2013

Sunset at the Lost World of Saltwick Bay

Saltwick Bay is a landscape photographers dream location.

Erratics, odd shaped boulders, towering black nabs, it even has a shipwreck. Few other UK coastal locations are as potent in subject matter.

Having captured the infamous Saltwick nab the previous year, I was determined to wander around the farther reaches of the bay away from the usual suspects of the shipwreck et al to see what I could see. Ravenscar beckoned. 

Sunset at Saltwick Bay by Paul Marsden

After a good wander towards Robin Hoods Bay I came across this giant still pool left in the wake of a receding tide. I was quite fortunate really, during previous trips the tidal pools had been much lower revealing only bare rock which was far less visually interesting.

Envisaging the late light setting these groups of boulders aglow, and potentially hitting the vertigous cliff faces that flank the coast here I set up shop.

As the sun descended, these erratic like rocks began their red-shift, the deep reds contrasted wonderfullyy with the blues and ink black glass-like stillness of the pools.

The area is a very prehistoric, like some proto-planet. Definitely not what you envision of an archetypal English beach, which is possibly why it has such draw—the cliff face here reminds me more of the bluff of some Midwestern desert, the rocks and pools like some ancient tufa formations.

I’m not sure if you can call this a seascape, having been facing more inland, but goes to show you it pays to turn around from time to time, you don’t always have to be staring out to sea!

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